Mapping Out The Road To Success For Teens

About Us


Mission Statement

 To eliminate obstacles that preclude youth from achieving self sufficiency and becoming productive citizens. 


Youth Professional Development, Inc. (YPD) is a 501C(3) non-profit organization that successfully provides intervention and prevention services for teenagers.  For 30 years, YPD has provided services to more that 4,000 teens in Prince George's County, Maryland.  

YPD mentors and empowers teens through access to educational and career resources, foundational employment skills, financial literacy, promoting healthy lifestyles and healthier families.  One of YPD's flagship programs is the 6-week Summer Work Program.  This program exposes participants to skills and technology that will propel them academically.  Moreover, the program exposes teens to career professionals to help explore and discover their full potential.


The mission of YPD is to eliminate obstacles that preclude youth from achieving self-sufficiency and becoming productive citizens. Through the years, YPD's program has successfully changed the trajectory of the lives of participants and future generations.  YPD has done this by meeting the teens where they are, transforming lives to decrease welfare dependency, while also increasing their ability to secure sustainable employment.