In Her Own Words

As a young woman, pregnant at 16, it would've been easy to give up because the odds were already stacked against me.  YPD has been a second family to me.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity they gave me at such a young age.  Here I am, 5 years later, with a Bachelor's in Social Work from Morgan State.  This organization has a way of not making one feel ashamed and welcoming with open arms in hopes of pushing individuals to their fullest potential.  YPD not only molded me, but prepared me for the professional world both as a young woman and mother.

Carolyn Goes to College!

After participating in YPD's Job Development and Work Experience Program for 3 years during high school, Carolyn went on to obtain her  Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Morgan State University.

How Do We Measure Success?


YPD participants gain the knowledge, skills and work ethics that prepare them to enter the workplace upon graduation and most go on to pursue a college education or vocational trade.


Ninety percent of teen parents avoid repeat pregnancies.


More than 90% percent of YPD program participants stay in school and graduate high school. They go on to college, enter the workforce, or pursue their entrepreneurial dreams - perhaps as authors, videographers, aestheticians, motivational speakers.